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When I reached 10K followers on Instagram (@LANGSTONHUES) I held a contest titled #10KHues where the winner would win a photo shoot to be featured in #modeststreetfashion the book.
Initially, I was only going to pick one winner. But, after seeing the massive turn out for the contest, I ended up choosing 10 winners! I photographed with them all thus far with the exception of 3 people whom we’ve still have yet been able to find a convenient schedule that works for both of us. They reside in California, Amsterdam, and France.
The other 7 winners are located in Dubai, Kuwait, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore respectively.
This is the chic & brilliant Farhanah, she’s our Malaysian winner of the #10KHues contest! Everyone say hello to this innovative and stylish youtuber! @faafirds
In the recent event of me reaching 30K followers on Instagram (@LANGSTONHUES), I’m thinking to hold another contest. Would you guys like that? How many winners? What sort of prize? Any suggestions?
By: Langston Hues #modeststreetfashion #modeststreetfashion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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